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Our data is saved in a plain text delimited format(common CSV file).

Each state has a folder that is divided into subcategories. Each subcategory is a CSV file ready to use!

Fields for the Australia list include, Category, Subacategory, Business name, Postal Address, Telephone# and a small percentage of website addresses.

The data counts for our Australia business lists are below.

ACT: 68,782
NSW: 1,464,858
NT: 28,584
QLD: 853,724
SA: 303,190
TAS: 95,805
VIC: 1,046,677
WA: 366,606

TOTAL Listings: 4,228,226
TOTAL Website listings: 160,000

It's easy to import into Excel, Word, Access, Act or most other applications!

*Lists can easily be imported into Microsoft's Excel, Word, Access, ACT or most other application. You can then print labels and even sort the data within these programs. For information on how to utilize our lists click here.

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